409A Valuation

A 409A Valuation is a specialized financial service required by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) for privately-held companies. This valuation determines the fair market value of a company’s common stock or equity for tax compliance purposes, particularly for employee stock option plans (ESOPs) and equity-based compensation. WeReckon Solutions offers expert 409A Valuation services, ensuring businesses stay compliant with tax regulations and provide accurate equity compensation to employees.

Tax Compliance
Our 409A Valuation service ensures your company complies with IRS regulations. Accurate valuations are essential for setting the exercise price of stock options without incurring tax penalties.
Equity Compensation
For businesses using stock options or equity-based compensation as a talent retention and incentive tool, our valuations are vital for setting fair and attractive compensation packages.
409A Valuations offer transparency to employees regarding the value of their stock options, fostering trust and engagement within the organization.
ESOPs and M&As
In ESOP transactions or mergers and acquisitions, our valuations provide a clear picture of a company's worth, facilitating fair negotiations and decision-making.
Risk Mitigation
Accurate valuations reduce the risk of disputes with tax authorities, as well as employee dissatisfaction, helping your company avoid costly legal challenges.
Strategic Decision-Making
409A Valuations provide valuable insights for management, supporting strategic decisions related to fundraising, IPOs, or equity-based incentive plans.

WeReckon Solutions’ 409A Valuation service offers peace of mind to privately-held companies by ensuring tax compliance, equity compensation accuracy, and transparent communication with employees. We specialize in providing the necessary valuations to help businesses navigate complex financial decisions while minimizing risk and maximizing financial success.